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About NOW Faith Alliance

NOW Faith Alliance is a coalition of several area churches committed to seeing your children grow in faith and character.

NOW stands for:

Nurture Outreach Witness


To provide (N)urture, (O)utreach, and (W)itness through sports activities and provide leadership and guidance based on Christian principles.

Whether it's kids basketball, kids soccer, kids flag football or kids cheerleading – you want to find a kids sports league that encourages your child and is right for your family’s busy schedule.

With just a 1-hour practice and 1-hour game each week, Upward Sports fits your lifestyle while promoting the values that matter to you. Coaches and fans won’t yell at your child; they’ll cheer for them instead!

Say "yes" today to the program that’s fun for your child and right for your family!

How to Play Upward Sports


Register Online
Fill out our easy online Registration Form.


Attend Evaluations
Each player is evaluated for ability.


Attend Practice
Practice makes you a better player!


Play in Games
Games are once a week for 1 hour each.